Church of Ra “Oathbreaker Vs. Hessian”

If I moved anywhere purely based on the bands there, it would be Belgium with special interest in these two. To see them do something like this is absolutely jaw dropping.

Yeah hey… this is where I use the word ‘colossal’ to describe a music video….


Oathbreaker : Shelter : S/T EP : 2009

Proof that Belgium has more going for it than great beer, pavé, cyclocross and waffles.



Oathbreaker - Glimpse Of The Unseen

Posting this again as this is my in my very high rotation list right now. Picked up the vinyl last week but still waiting for the family to go out so I can do it justice. Crossover-thrash influenced hardcore, fast, technical and just plain fucking brilliant. FFO Beanflipper, Kvelertak, Backstabbers Inc…

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Oathbreaker “Origin” Video (by Deathwishinc)

Once again…because this kills so hard.  These Belgians eat your favorite band as a snack.  Yes that’s a girl on vocals.

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OATHBREAKER | Glimpse Of The Unseen

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